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Roz Kumari's love for the arts began as a small child. Born in Costa Rica and raised in California, New York, New Orleans and all points in between. Her eye for photography was strongly influenced by her father,  a Civil Engineer, who in his spare time was a portrait, landscape and architectural photographer. He gifted Roz her first camera at 13 and opened the door of creativity. She was also exposed to classical dance, voice, musical theater, and the urban hip hop dance scene in her early adolescent years. All  of these elements helped to full her creativity and mold her into the eclectic and well rounded artist she is today.  


A well travelled adventure seeker, Roz Kumari incorporates her diverse style and experiences  into her work, while at the same time capturing the essence and vision of her clients.  


Roz Kumari's love of people and community is also expressed by her work of service. She is a birth and postpartum Doula, healer, and certified yoga instructor. Her maternity and birth photography has became one of her signature styles. Her work has also been published in various magazines, giving Roz a world wide platform to share her passion.



 As a Strong woman, wife and mother of four, Roz Kumari has visions of divine fruit from healthy roots. As an artist of many mediums, Roz gives everything she does the Kumari touch. A veteran of the punk, reggae and hiphop festival vending circuit, she has a community reputation for being in the middle of the action. It's to all of our advantage that she happens to have an amazing eye and mind for snapping at the right angle at just the right time.

Roz Kumari

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